Explorer 500 Portable Power Station - Power for the Outdoors


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Jackery Explorer 500 is a 518Wh lithium Portable Power Station. It is one of the lightest and most portable rechargeable lithium battery generators on the market. 

  • Lithium battery power: 518Wh/144,400mAh battery capacity, 500W Rated Power and 1000W Surge Power from the pure-sine wave AC port.
  • Portable and lightweight: Only 6kg with an easy-carry handle.
  • Multiple output ports:  charge mainstream electronics and small appliances, from smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, drones to mini-fridges, and CPAP, etc.
  • All-in-one portable power station: includes three USB ports, AC outlet, and 12V car output.
  • Recharge the power station three ways: AC outlet, DC carport or via optional solar panels.
  • The LCD screen with charge/discharge data and battery life status.
  • Unlimited power bundle: can work with compatible solar panels (sold separately) to perform as a solar kit or solar generator.


Features and Benefits

Power-to-go, in a compact, lightweight design featuring multiple connections to charge your mainstream gear and more. Use it in indoors or take Explorer with you for outdoor recreation, backyard power, hiking, office use, recreational outings, camping, and much more.

 The rechargeable portable power station can keep most of your gear charged and stay connected. It can be an emergency power backup at home or for off-grid power supply.

  1. With compatible solar power charging, the power station can perform as a solar generator. So you can have an unlimited power source from the sun and keep charged on the go.
  2. Featuring an AC outlet, a DC carport, three USB ports, and an LCD display, the power inverter can charge multiple devices at the same time, and you can have a clear understanding of the battery level and charging power.
  3. Battery management system (BMS)and power on/off buttons ensure the charging safety and protects your charging devices from over-charging.
  4. Life long technical support and 2-year warranty.



Ask a Question
  • Hello Team MightGadgets, I am interested in the Explorer 500 Portable Power Station - Power for the Outdoors – Mighty Gadgets Ltd. NZ https://www.mightygadgets.co.nz/collections/frontpage/products/explorer-500-portable-power-station How many times can it charge a MacBook Pro-late 2013 laptop? Also, approximately how many cycles will is charge before the battery needs replacement? What is the price of the battery replacement, when the battery is exhausted? Thank you very much. Marc Marc Cohen c/o Gillian McFarlane Country Matters - The Shop 313 Great North Rd Winton Southland 9720 www.countrymatters.co.nz ___________________________________ E-mail: possomcohen@icloud.com ___________________________________

    Assuming the following original Battery Specs for Macbook Pro 2013:


    and specs for the Jackery 500

    518 Wh = 21.6V*24 Ah  or 144400mAh*3.6V

    leads to 520/72 = 7 times; taking up to 40% losses into account leds to 4-5 times charging

    The specs give a the number of charging cycles to >500

    We will check the price for a replacement battery with Jackery

    I received the following note from Jackery

    ....... Please note we are using lithium ion (NMC) batteries for our portable power station,the life cycle is > 500 @80%, it means after charging and discharging 500 times there still 414Wh capacity remains. the battery is not replaceable, and we do not recommend anyone to dismantle it without training for any reason in case of danger ..........

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